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Real Talk, Real Pros, Your 1st Solution
What is Gigant?

If you’ve ever had difficulty in finding a specific consultant for your concern, then Gigant is the site for you. Find and compare professionals, learn about their specialty, and discover if they’re just the right fit for your needs.

Why Choose Gigant?

Unlike other digital marketplaces, we have created an environment where the professional can bring their services to you with quality in mind. Here, you’re not just a number, not just another transaction to increase their volume sales.  We also apply this mindset to our professionals.

The professional is encouraged to create a personalized listing – one that differentiates them from others, one that enables their service to shine. What this means for you, as a client, is that you can connect with professionals that complements you – and receive a consultation that is meaningful for you.

We put in place a review system that embraces quality over quantity, and policies that protect both parties’ interests with the goal to make your consulting experience better.

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