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Best Practices for Professionals

I just signed up, where do I start?

After signing up as a professional, you will be taken to your business dashboard. Get familiar with it as it gives you a one-look view of the things you should do for the week. For now, you should start by creating a listing.

Creating a Gigant Listing

Get your name out there and start building your online career now! Your listing is the service that you’re selling to your client. This is your chance to explain in detail your expertise and what kind of advice you can provide your clients to help solve their problems.

  1. Listing Name – At the start, you should create a generic but recognizable listing name for your service. This makes your listing more familiar and more likely to get views. Later, we’ll talk about creating sublistings with the goal of being meaningfully different from the other professionals in your category.
  2. What results can you help your client achieve? – Potential clients come into the website with a goal in mind. This is your chance to make an impression. In a very succinct way, describe what you can help them achieve. For example, a fitness coach might say:

    ‘I can get you from coach potato to buff potato’

    This tells the potential client that you can get them from point A, their current state, to point B, their goal or desired state. Or you can just directly aim for their point B, their desired state. For example, acooking instructor might say:

    ‘I can help you become the next MasterChef’

    Another approach is to simply answer the question. In the past, what had previous clients told you that you did for them that really made them happy? For example, an accountant might say:

    ‘I’ve helped thousands of small businesses save on taxes.’

    It’s up to you to choose an approach that fits the category or service you are providing.

  3. How do you help your clients achieve their goals? Why do people like working with you?– Now is the time to expound on your offer. You can cite examples and show how you can help them reach their goals.

    Creating an effective gig listing revolves around painting a clear picture of what you are capable of and explaining what kind of help you can provide to your client. Using the appropriate language and choosing the right lingo that resonates with your target clients can make the difference in helping them choose you for your expertise.

    In connection to using the right words for the right audience, choosing to opt for technical language whenever it may be recognizable to your audience could be beneficial in helping them find you.

  4. Tags–Tags are the keywords that make your listing ‘searchable’. Providing the correct tags rightly associated with your gig listing helps the system make it easier for potential clients to find you. We recommend adding as many relevant tags that you can, but we strongly advise against using unrelated tags.

    Using unrelated tags will increase the likelihood of client disappointment, seeing as how your gig listing and scope of services are not related to the tags that you have provided. Since Gigant reviews all listings for approval, using unrelated tags will also increase the likelihood that your listing will not be approved.

Choosing a Cancellation Policy

Gigant acts as a third party that receives and disburses the money that the client provided in advance. The cancellation policy is a transparent set of rules that governs when the professional gets paid and when the client gets a refund. To view the details of each cancellation policy, please visit this page.

Gigant provides users with 3 cancellation policies graduating from a flexible up to strict. These cancellation policies were designed to protect the interests of both the professionals and the clients.

Choosing a cancellation policy is a two way street. It gives you the security of getting paid should your client decide to make an untimely appointment cancellation. At the same time, you will also be subjected to the corresponding penalties should you not comply with the stipulations indicated in the cancellation policy that you’ve chosen.

Choosing a cancellation policy that best suits your workstyle is important to help you sustain good relations with your clients. You can review what your listing write-up and the cancellation policy you chose before submitting it for review.


Once you’ve submitted your listing, you can now create a schedule for it. For instructions on how to create a schedule, please go to this page. It is totally up to you to set your schedule and price depending on your strategy. For convenience, you can even turn on google calendar integration at this page.


For your price, just input the amount you want to take-home from each session and the system will compute the applicable Gigant Fee on top. You might want to make some adjustments here according to your pricing strategy.

What is the Gigant Fee?

The Gigant fee is a commission based on the price that you, the professional, sets. We use this fee to keep the site running smooth, secure, and fair. We also use this to bring traffic to the website and help professionals get leads for their listings.

How do I get paid?

You are automatically paid by the system once a meeting with a client is finished. This builds up your balance in the Gigant wallet. Once you’ve accumulated an amount you would like to withdraw, simply go to the wallet page and then withdraw it to your destination account. Please note that certain fees may apply.

Creating a sublisting

A sublisting is a service under your main listing. It shares the same schedule and cancellation policy as your main listing. That way, you don’t have to create a new schedule from scratch.

You can use a sublisting to highlight your specialties. For example, a lawyer can create their main listing ‘Legal Advice’ and create sublistings for their specialties such as ‘Family Law’ and ‘Wills & Estates’.

You can also use sublistings to target specific audiences. For example, a fitness coach creates their main listing as ‘Fitness Coaching’. However, this fitness coach also specializes in training seniors so they can create a ‘Fitness for Seniors’ or a ‘Personal Coaching for 60+’ sublisting.

What are these ratings on my listing?

We’ve implemented 3 kinds of ratings to help you differentiate yourself from others. These are:

5 Star Rating System: This is how your clients rated you in terms of Helpfulness, Preparedness, Communication Skills and Professionalism after a video call. The average of their ratings become the total rating from that client. This tells prospective clients that you provide a quality service.

Star Streak: This shows how many consecutive sessions you were rated highly (4 or 5 stars). This tells prospective clients that you consistently deliver.

Referral: This shows how many professionals have referred you to prospective clients. This tells prospective clients that you are highly regarded among your peers.

Appointment Requests & Appointment Request Expiry

Upon receiving an appointment request, you will be given “24” hours to reply to accept, decline or refer the request. A notification will be sent to your professional dashboard or email. We highly recommend you reply soonest as a matter of professionalism and to give yourself and your potential client ample time to prepare accordingly. After accepting an appointment, your client gets a notification that it is time for them to post payment. Once paid, the appointment is deemed to be ‘set’. Gigant will be holding onto this payment until your video call meeting has ended.

If in case you do get a questionable appointment request, wherein you are not sure if you can answer the client’s request, we recommend to either refer the request a trusted fellow professional or decline. This helps you avoid a situation of having a dissatisfied client during your appointment.

Video Call – Appointment Day

Make sure to arrive on time and prepared for your videocall appointment. Remember, you are rated by the client for your Helpfulness, Preparedness, Communication Skills and Professionalism. Even if the client doesn’t show up, rest assured that as long as you are present, then you will be paid for your time.

You can access your video call room through the professional dashboard. Simply, press the call button and you’ll be taken to your video call room with the client. The room will only open at the scheduled time.

Video Call –The Appointment

Through the video call, you can talk directly with the client and help them achieve their goal. The video call is equipped with a file sharing and screen sharing feature that helps you and the client to coordinate with each other.

The video is always turned on to ensure that client is talking to you, the professional, as they’ve seen in your profile. If you do not want to show your face for a reason that the client might not agree with, then you might be reported to the admin.

Lastly, you might want to start building rapport with this client, especially if they have a long-term concern that might require a long-term solution. We’ll be implementing a job order system in the future that will help facilitate these kinds of requests.

Video Call -Confidentiality

We realize that you might be talking about confidential or sensitive issues, so we don’t record the video and audio of your meeting. However, we do keep temporary screenshots for your protection. This helps flag users that may be guilty of abuse.

Video Call – Conclusion

Once your conversation with the client has concluded, we recommend that you ask your client to exit the appointment room first so that your completedcall can be recognized by the system. The payment will then be automatically transferred to your Gigant account. The meeting will also be considered complete once the time expires.

What happens if I need to cancel an appointment?

If you need to cancel an appointment that the client has not yet paid for, there are no penalties from the system but your reputation with that client might suffer. It is always better to decline an appointment that you are uncertain you can complete, than to accept an appointment and cancel it afterward.

If you need to cancel an appointment that the client has already paid for, please do check the cancellation policy for that listing to see if penalties may apply to you. Since the client also paid a processing fee that is non-refundable, it is highly likely that your reputation with that client would suffer greatly.

Can I defend myself from abusive clients?

Yes, you can flag reviews and clients that are in violation. Also, be mindful of accepting any and all appointment requests. You should always carefully review them to see if they have a valid request.

If during a video call, it is found that there was abuse by the client, payment will be transferred to the professional’s account. Should it be determined that the system was used by the professional to abuse the client or the system, the client will be refunded and still be given the access to creating a review of the professional’s service.

We reserve the right to sanction within our discretion these acts or omissions which could be detrimental to the parties involved.

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