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Gigant FAQ

Real talk. Meaningful Conversation. Real Professionals.

‘Personalized solutions through face-to-face consultations with “real” professionals.’

What is Gigant?

If you’ve ever had difficulty in finding a specific consultant for your concern, then Gigant is the site for you. Find and compare professionals, learn about their specialty, and discover if they’re just the right fit for your needs.

Why Choose Gigant?

Unlike other digital marketplaces, we have created an environment where the professional can bring their services to you with quality in mind. Here, you’re not just a number, not just another transaction to increase their volume sales.  We also apply this mindset to our professionals.

The professional is encouraged to create a personalized listing – one that differentiates them from others, one that enables their service to shine. What this means for you, as a client, is that you can connect with professionals that complements you – and receive a consultation that is meaningful for you.

We put in place a review system that embraces quality over quantity, and policies that protect both parties’ interests with the goal to make your consulting experience better.

How do I choose a professional?

Search for a professional by using the search bar or by choosing a category. You can filter and sort the results by area, rating, and more. You can also see if they are licensed for their specific field or not.

Check out their details, especially the parts on why people hire them. You might learn something that is meaningful to you and can help you decide if they are the right fit for you.

What do these ratings mean?

We’ve implemented 3 kinds of ratings to help you decide in choosing a professional. These are:

5 Star Rating System: This is how clients, who’ve already talked to this professional through a video call, rate their professional in terms of Helpfulness, Preparedness, Communication Skills and Professionalism. The average of their ratings become the total rating from that client. This tells you if the professional is considered good among their clients.

Star Streak: This shows how many consecutive sessions the professional was rated highly (4 or 5 stars). This tells you if their recent work has been consistently good.

Referral: This shows you how many professionals have referred this professional to clients. This tells you if the professional is highly regarded among their peers.

How do I book a professional?

To book a professional, go to their listing page and select a date from the calendar on the right. You will then be shown the time slots that is available for that professional on your selected date. Choose the time that is most convenient for you.

Next, you need to write about your concern. Why do you need to consult with that professional? The more details you write, the easier it is for the professional to prepare for the meeting with you.

Be careful, if it is lacking in details and the professional is unsure that your query is really for them, then they might decline your request.

I’ve sent my appointment request, what happens next?

The professional will then review your request based on the write-up you sent them. They have 24 hours to accept your request. Once accepted, you will receive a confirmation and a message to pay for that booking ahead of the meeting.

Why am I billed in advance?

Gigant acts as a third party that receives and disburses the money you’ve provided depending on what happens to your appointment in accordance to the cancellation policy set by the professional. The cancellation policy is a transparent set of rules that governs when the client gets a refund and when the professional gets paid. To view the details of each cancellation policy, please visit this page.

While you might find the cancellation policy a bit constricting, there is an equal pressure on the professional to act in accordance to it as they will be penalized for breaking it. This means two things for you as a client: 1) The professional has a greater motivation to push through with the meeting and arrive on schedule, and 2) The professional has a greater motivation to provide quality service.

I’m done with my payment. What’s Next?

Now, you just need to wait for the scheduled time. A call button will be appear in your my appointments page so you can go to your video call room with the professional. The room will only open at the scheduled time.

Are your video call channels confidential?

We realize that you might be talking about confidential or sensitive issues, so we don’t record the video and audio of your meeting. However, we do keep temporary screenshots for your protection. This helps flag users that may be guilty of abuse.

Why can’t I turn off the video?

The video is always on to ensure that you are talking to the professional as you’ve seen in their profile. If the professional does not want to show their face for a reason that you might not agree with, then you might want to report them.

So I’ve finished my video call with the professional, what happens next?

The payment is automatically disbursed through the professional upon completion of the video call. You can then leave a review for their service through a link that will be sent in your notifications or email.

What happens if I need to cancel my appointment?

If you need to cancel an appointment that the professional has not accepted yet, there are no penalties so feel free to do so. If you need to cancel an appointment that you’ve already paid for, please do check the cancellation policy for that listing to see if you can get a full or partial refund. The refund will appear in your Gigant Wallet. Kindly note that the processing fee is non-refundable.

How do I get a refund?

To get a refund, you must fall within the scope of the listing’s cancellation policy’s refund window. If you are eligible for a refund, just go to your appointments page. Find that specific appointment and click on the cancel button next to it.

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